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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food 





\\Company Overview


Elevated Eats is a sustainability-conscious, health-focused baked goods company that provides hemp+herb infused cookies. To cater to customers’ dietary preferences, our better-for-you ingredients are always vegan, organic, plant-based, and sustainably grown. The full-spectrum hemp oil we use is extracted using one of the best methods on the market, for quality, consistency, and all the benefits of cannabinoids that reduce stress and ease your mind. Eastern herbs further help the body adapt to stress.

“‘This year, for the first time in our health-and-wellness study, the No. 1 condition that people were managing was not weight, but stress and anxiety,’ says Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group. The symptoms of today’s society can wreak havoc on all systems of the body. At Elevated Eats, our goal is to elevate your health and provide relief through quality ingredients and supplements that create a lasting impact for you and those around you.



Our core mission at Elevated Eats is to harness the power of plants to create high-quality, functional snacks for the betterment of the body, mind, and planet. 

BODY Create products using good-for-you ingredients while refraining from the use of harmful inputs. Remain cognizant of the variety of diets, eating styles, and food intolerances when developing new recipes.

MIND Foster a community of customers with improved mental health and maintain consumer trust.

PLANET Source sustainable ingredients, compostable packaging material, and inputs that follow human and animal welfare practices. Operate a financially feasible model that allows for donations to environmental causes. 


Elevated Eats aims to be the brand of choice for health-conscious consumers of CBD edibles, who may feel empowered and connected through our products. We hope to become part of our customer’s daily rituals to wake-up in the morning or wind-down before bed. 


Quality, Taste, & Effectiveness

Authenticity, Transparency, & Integrity

Sustainability, Philanthropy, & Continuous Improvement

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